"Whisky Love is Forever" Gift Set

"Whisky Love is Forever" Gift Set


'Whisky Love is Forever' contains one of our 2 signature whiskies (Crimson Rye or Wild Oak), a K whisky glass, a whisky barrel & smoke candle, our house bitters which make a fantastic Old Fashioned and a set of County granite whisky stones. Perfect for any whisky lover! 


Whisky Options:

Crimson Rye - our 100% rye whisky that has been finished in red wine barrels to give a unique colour and flavour profile. Aroma of honeysuckle and beeswax with a taste of dried figs and fresh cut grass. Spicy rye finish with subtle earthy notes.

Wild Oak - our blended whisky consisting of corn, wheat, rye and malted barley. Sweet aroma of dried apricots and ripe white grapes. Butterscotch and oak on the palate with a long dry finish of fermented tea leaves and smoke. Non chill filtered/no sugar or additives. Perfect for scotch lovers looking for a local alternative!

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